Guest Services

Our Guest Services staff want to make your visit to the SAP Center at San Jose an enjoyable one!

SAP Center at San Jose Information Desks are located on the Concourse level at both entrances. If you have an issue or question during an event, please report it to the nearest usher or Information Desk. Our mission is to solve issues before they become problems. Our Ushering supervisors will do all possible to correct the situation and/or make a guest accommodation.

Guest Information

Doors Opening Times

Doors open 75 minutes before the scheduled start time for Sharks games and usually 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for most other events. Once a guest has entered the SAP Center, he/she cannot exit and re-enter unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been approved in advance by the Ushering supervisor. Re-entry is also granted to those using the designated smoking areas. The scheduled door opening time for each event is listed in the Schedule information.

Guest Comment Cards

While SAP Center at San Jose strives to provide the best entertainment atmosphere in the industry, there is always room for improvement. Therefore, guest comment cards are available at both Information Desks on the Concourse level. Your comments and suggestions provide us with the best way to serve you better. Guests may also provide comments and/or suggestions through the website using the “Contact Us” link.

Infant Tickets

Any child older than 23 months must have a ticket to enter SAP Center at San Jose. The child must sit on the lap of the parent or guardian without interfering with other guests. Some events, which are geared toward young children, require that children older than 11 months have a ticket as well.

Certain events controlled by external Governing Bodies such as the NCAA may have their own policies.

Lost and Found

For claiming or reporting lost articles, please contact the Event Office on the Concourse level at section 128 during the event or call the SAP Center at San Jose Security department at 408-999-5847 after the event.

Accessible Information

Accessible Seating

The Sharks and the SAP Center at San Jose are sensitive to the needs of physically challenged individuals both in the design of the arena and its policies, exceeding what the law requires.

Seating for the physically challenged is available at all price levels for all events at SAP Center at San Jose. Depending on the event, there are wheelchair accessible (WCA) areas in sections 112 on the floor, 102/128 in the Alaska Airlines Club, 106/107/109/110/120/121/123/124 on the Concourse and 213/217 on the Penthouse. All WCA areas are accessible by a wheelchair or walker. The ThreatMetrix Ticket Office at SAP Center or Ticketmaster can assist guests with the purchase of WCA tickets. Only the disabled guest and one attendant can sit in the WCA area. If there are other members in the disabled guest’s party, they can purchase tickets in a nearby seating section.

Disabled guests may enter SAP Center at San Jose through any entrance door. Escort services are available to assist the disabled guest to get to the seating area using their own wheelchair or a SAP Center at San Jose wheelchair. Please note that SAP Center at San Jose wheelchairs are for the use of all guests and cannot be left with the guest after an escort. If necessary, a guest’s wheelchair can be stored in the immediate area if the guest elects to sit in a provided seat. Special accommodations are provided by the Ushering supervisors.

Accommodations are made depending on space availability; accommodations may not be able to be made in the same area or price range, and only for the disabled guest and one other person.

Listening Devices

Hearing-impaired guests can obtain assistive listening devices upon request at the Information Desks. Although the service is free of charge, a driver’s license is required for deposit.


There are designated accessible parking spaces for disabled guests at both entrances. The parking attendants or San Jose Police in the area can direct you to the locations. In order to park in one of the designated spaces, you must have a disabled plate or placard. Standard parking rates apply for parking in the disabled spaces.

Passenger Drop Off & Pick Up Zones

Disabled guests may be most conveniently dropped off and picked up at the North Entrance curb. The driver will be required to pay for entry into the parking lot, but will be reimbursed on the way out after dropping off the disabled guest. The ushers will be happy to assist the disabled guest into the building and escort them to their seat if desired. For pickup after the event, the driver would return to the same North Entrance curb. The ushers will be happy to escort the disabled guest back out to the curb. Disabled guests may also be dropped off and picked up at the designated drop off zones at the South Entrance, across Santa Clara Street at Autumn and Montgomery Streets.