Am I allowed to carry a bag into SAP Center?

Bags must be no larger than 5.0" x 9.0" x 2.0” to be allowed in.

What if I have special medical equipment or a breast pump I need to have with me?

Bags carrying items that are medical in nature such as prescription medication, breast pumps and other special medical equipment will be permitted. These bags will be screened by an X-Ray machine and marked with a colored wristband.

What should guests do if they bring a bag not meeting the bag standards & guidelines?

Guests with bags not meeting guidelines will be asked to return it to a vehicle or utilize the onsite bag check locker system provided by BINBOX. A BINBOX locker is available for an onsite fee of $10.00.  SAP Center and the San Jose Sharks are not responsible for items left at any of the entrances.

Am I allowed to bring a diaper bag into SAP Center?

Parenting bags that include diapers and other parenting necessities are permitted. These bags will be screened by an X-Ray machine and marked with a colored wristband.

Can I bring a clear back pack into SAP Center?

Any bag larger than 5.0” x 9.0” x 2.0” is not permitted. If a bag is clear or not clear and is smaller than 5.0” x 9.0” x 2.0” it will be permitted.

What can I expect when I arrive at an entrance?

As you approach an entrance, remove items from your pockets and place it along with any bags on the table provided. Fans will not be asked to remove jacket or shoes. Cell phones and cameras must be set on the designated table or remain in your bag prior to passing through the metal detector. Wait for the staff to direct you through the metal detector. Once through, gather personal belongings and proceed to the ticket taker.

Are there still going to be Express Lanes for guests not carrying bags?

Yes, the South Entrance will continue to have lanes dedicated for guests that are not carrying bags or clutches.  Guests with bags smaller than 5.0” x 9.0” x 2.0” will need to  ques on Autumn and Santa Clara street to enter.

Why is SAP Center limiting bag size and using metal detectors?

To provide a safe environment for the public and expedite guest entry into arena. 

What happens if an alert goes off when I walk through?

If a walk-through metal detector alerts a Magnetometer attendant to the presence of items that require further inspection, guests will be directed to divest items from their person that could of caused the alert and walk through the metal detector a second time. A guests will be asked to continue to walk through the metal detector until the detector does not alert. When the items in question are discovered, individuals will be asked to display them and/or allow an attendant to examine them. At this time, the attendant will determine whether these items will be permitted into SAP Center.

Do I need to remove my belt, shoes, and jacket?

It is possible based upon the location of an alarm on the magnetometer, however it is not needed unless asked by a metal detector attendant. 

What if I come in with a mobility device, stroller or if I am medically unable to enter through a metal detector?

At the North and South entrances there is a designated special assistance entrance. Guests using these lanes will be subject to a pat-down search and/or use of hand-held metal detector as well inspection of the mobility device or stroller. Special Assistance entrances are identified with signage at each entrance.

What time do the entrances open?

For Sharks home games, entrances open 90 minutes prior for Sharks365 members and 75 minutes prior to game time to accommodate for the security measures. Event doors vary by event.

I have a concealed weapon permit; may I bring in my firearm?

SAP Center and the San Jose Sharks ban firearms on our premises.

What should guests do with prohibited items?

Guests should not bring prohibited items. Prohibited items discovered at the entrances either will be discarded or will need to be returned to a vehicle. We cannot maintain custody of any such items on behalf of guests. SAP Center and the San Jose Sharks are not responsible for items left at any of the gates.

Am I allowed to bring my iPad or personal device?

Yes. iPads, personal devices and laptops are permitted to be brought into San Jose Sharks games. However, iPads are prohibited at all concerts.   

What if I need my seat cushion for a medical reason?

Every seat at SAP Center does have a seat cushion. However, if you have a medical condition that requires additional support, your cushion would be searched and then permitted.

Is there a limit on how many clear bags I can bring in?

No, there is no limit however all bags need to be no larger than 5” x 9” x 2”.