Aramark concessions is looking for enthusiastic organizations who are motivated, energetic and service first oriented to join the San Jose Sharks and Aramark team!

Your organization can help Aramark provide quality service to our valued guests while having a great time while earning money for your non-profit organization!

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Volunteer Age Requirements

The minimum age to work is 18 (proof of age will be required) or older.   At all times, volunteers who serve beer are required by law to be 18 years or older. There must be at least one adult over the age of 21 in the stand at all times.  The majority of the Concessions locations serve beer; therefore adults (18 and older) are required to be part of your stand at all times.

Point of Contact (Group Leader)

You are required to have at least one lead person for your group each night you work. This person is known as the Point of Contact (P.O.C.) and will serve as the liaison between your group and ARAMARK Management.


Payment for NPO groups will be on a per head basis. You will be notified of the amount at the time of signing your NPO agreement (contract). Each group is paid $110 per volunteer that works each event.

Legal Requirements


You are required to provide a copy of your 501C tax exempt status letter from the IRS showing proof your group has Non-Profit status under the 501C code. If your group has applied for 501C tax exempt status from the IRS, but does not have a response from the IRS, a copy of your application will suffice until the IRS responds to your application. While your group will be able to work, it will be your group’s responsibility to follow up with the IRS and provide proof of said follow up.  A copy of a 501C letter from the IRS is attached.


You are also required to provide a Federal Tax ID number. You will be given a number with your application for 501C status or it will appear on your 501C letter from the IRS granting you tax exempt status.


We recommend that all NPO groups provide their own certificate of Liability Insurance to cover the actions of the organization’s volunteers while working at the SAP Center at San Jose. In case the NPO does not have Liability Insurance, we do provide it. Contracts cannot be valid without proper documentation naming ARAMARK at the SAP Center at San Jose and the San Jose Sharks as the insured and held harmless contractually and not be held responsible for any injury incurred at work.

Limits of Liability:    Premises: $1,000,000  Aggregate: $2,000,000


We recommend that all NPO groups have their own General Liability Policies extended to include a Liquor Liability insurance when alcoholic beverages (including beer, wine and spirits) are served by the organization to cover any actions of the organization volunteers while working at SAP Center. In case the NPO does not have Liquor Liability Insurance, we do provide it. Contracts cannot be valid without proper documentation on file with ARAMARK. ARAMARK at SAP Center, and the San Jose Sharks must be named as the insured and are held harmless contractually and will not be held responsible for any injury incurred.

Limits of Liability:   Premises: $1,000,000  Aggregate: $1,000,000


Any injuries sustained by volunteers should be reported immediately to ARAMARK management, however all medical claims are the sole responsibility of the volunteer. Volunteers should seek medical attention from their own personal physician and or institution of choice.

Training Requirements

Please be aware that all the training programs listed below must be completed prior to your first day of work.

Non Profit Group Orientation

All members of your group that will be working anytime during the season will need to attend this 2-3 hour class.

TEAM Training

Any volunteer 18 or older who will work as a cashier will be required to attend a mandatory Alcohol Awareness course and pass a test at the conclusion of the class. ARAMARK reserves the right to determine how many volunteers for each group will be trained at ARAMARK’s expense.

Concession Stand Training

You will be trained on how to get your stand ready and prepped for an event:  Prepping food items, cooking, wrapping, and cleaning your stand properly at the end of the event.

Pre and Post Event Inventory Training

Some members of your group will be required to take this training class in order to help reconcile your stand’s inventory which will be conducted before and after a shift. It is recommended that you have a team of 2 to do both ends of the inventory accounting process. You may want to have at least 4 to 6 volunteers take this training class. Since NPO groups may be responsible for shortages which could affect their payout amount for the event, group leads should be selective of who attends this training class.

Cashier and Cash Handling Accounting

You will be trained on how to run a register and deal with guests. You will be shown how to process special items like Shark Bucks, Family Packs, etc. You will also be taught how to count your money for a cash pick up during the event and again for the end of the event.

Employee Safety Training

You will be trained on how to work safely and also shown a video on safe steps in the work place.

Be the Difference

This training helps you understand our customer service goals and how to best utilize them in an effort to provide the best possible customer service and Be The Difference.

SERVE SAFE Food Safety

This class will train you how to prepare, cook, serve, store, re-heat, and refrigerate food safely. It will also teach you the proper use of a thermometer and how to clean and sanitize your work area and utensils in a safe manner.

Uniform Requirements

It is critical that all Non-Profit group volunteers for Concessions adhere to the same uniform and appearance standards that are set forth for the SAP Center employees. These standards are detailed in the attached “Uniform and Appearance” document. Please ensure that all organization members have taken the time to review these standards before reporting to work.

Uniform shirts, caps, aprons and nametags will be provided by ARAMARK. The group coordinator will be accountable for signing out all uniform parts and ensuring all members are meeting the ARAMARK and SAP Center uniform and appearance policy. At the end of your organization’s shift all uniforms must be returned to the uniform room.

If uniforms are not returned the same night they are checked out, ARAMARK will deduct the amount from your group’s payout amount.

Commitment to Service Excellence

ARAMARK, the SAP Center at San Jose and the San Jose Sharks are partners in an endeavor to offer the fans a truly remarkable experience. As a member of the ARAMARK team your group assumes the obligation to provide a level of service that not only meets, but exceeds the expectation of our fans.

Work Locations

There are more than 50 Concession locations at the SAP Center. Concession stands vary in terms of the number of people who need to man them. Staffing for stands can range between 1 to 12 volunteers. Locations at SAP Center serve everything from soft drinks, beer, hot dogs, popcorn, pizza, hamburgers, french fries, ice cream and specialty items especially for the Sharks games.

Assigned Work Locations

Work locations will be assigned on a priority basis depending on group size and experience. The number of years of service and number of events contracted determines priority. It is recommended your organization be trained in more than one location in order to prevent a scheduling limitations.

Event Schedules

Event schedule availability forms are sent out to group leads via email the 10th of each month for the following month’s schedule. Dates selected by the group to work must be returned no later than the 20th of the month. Failure to turn in an availability form on time may affect the group’s ability to work or work in a stand of preference. A sample of an event schedule availability form is attached.

Work Hours

Work shifts average between 5 to 6 hours and can be any day of the week Sunday through Saturday. Start times can vary depending on the event start time. Group Leaders will be required to start at least 30 minutes before the rest of the group.