SAP Center at San Jose is accessible for all guests requiring ADA accommodations. Seating is available in various locations in the bowl and are all accessible by a wheelchair or walker. See full details.


While outside alcohol may not be brought into SAP Center at San Jose, nor can outside alcohol be consumed in any of the SAP Center at San Jose parking lots, guests who are age 21 or older are able to purchase beer, wine, and spirits from a plethora of concession stands throughout the venue.

SAP Center at San Jose reserves the right to evict any underage guests who are observed to be drinking alcohol, any guest providing alcohol to an underage person, and/or any guest who appears to be intoxicated. SAP Center at San Jose also reserves the right to deny entrance to any guests deemed to be intoxicated. 

SAP Center at San Jose strives to present a family-friendly environment for every guest. SAP Center promotes responsible use of alcohol with the following policies:

  • Any guest who appears to be to be 40 years of age or younger will be required to provide appropriate proof of age with one of the following forms of identification:
    • Valid United States Driver's License
    • Valid US State of Federal Government issued ID
    • Valid US Passport and/or passport card
    • US Military ID
    • Valid Foreign Passport
      • Foreign Driver's Licenses is not an acceptable form of identification 
  • Guests may not possess or purchase more than two (2) alcoholic beverages at a time.
    • All concession stands will discontinue serving alcohol at the start of the third period for Sharks games.
  • For non–sporting events, alcohol cut–off times will be determined by SAP Center management.
    • Alcohol of any kind may not be brought into or removed from SAP Center.
      • A person exhibiting visible signs of impairment will not be permitted entry into SAP Center.
    • Any guest who exhibits behavior that distracts or interferes with another guest’s enjoyment of the event may be removed from the arena.

Alcohol will not be served to any underage person or visibly impaired guest; alcohol beverage sales may be prohibited at the discretion of management


Alcohol Sales at SAP Center

During San Jose Sharks games, alcoholic beverages are sold until there are ten (10) minutes left on the game clock in the third period, with the exception of three bars on the Club level. Club bars continue to serve alcoholic beverages until 30 minutes after the end of the game. 

For SAP Center events other than Sharks games, alcohol sales are based solely on management discretion and policies are subject to change at any time without notice.


No animals other than those that are certified "Working Dogs" and "Miniature Ponies" are in service to assist disabled guests are permitted at SAP Center. Service dogs that are "in-training" are also not allowed in SAP Center at San Jose. 


SAP Center at San Jose is committed safe, comfortable, and enjoyable sports and entertainment experience.  All guests in attendance are expected to respect player and performer safety, respect the venue and staff members and respect other guests, including fans of the visiting teams. Review the San Jose Sharks and SAP Center Code of Conduct in full.

Camera & Audio/Video Recorders

As a general rule, still, cameras, either film or digital, that can fit into guests’ pockets are permitted for all SAP Center events. 

Please note, however, that the use of still cameras (film or digital) and video & audio recorders is regulated by the promoter of each event. In many cases, the camera policy is not finalized until the day of the event and is subject to last-minute changes. In most cases for concerts, cameras that are considered professional in nature or have a detachable lens are prohibited.

Please be advised that the following items are never permitted at SAP Center at San Jose:

  • GoPro camera 
  • Selfie sticks
  • Tripods
  • Monopods

Event Entry Time

For most events, doors to SAP Center at San Jose open to the general public one (1) hour prior to the start time listed on the event tickets. Guests are encouraged to confirm door opening times ahead of the event by visiting and selecting the event for which they have tickets. 

For San Jose Sharks games, doors open 75 minutes before the start of the game for Sharks 365 members and 60 minutes prior to the start of the game. 

Fan Conduct at Sharks Games

Hockey Is A Team Sport. Be A Good Teammate.

  • Respect everyone (that's part of the team). Guests using foul or abusive landuage, unduly harassing other team's fans or intoxicated will be removed from the arena. If you see this, please tell us. 
  • Be aware (of the players around you). Please be considerate and don't block the view of the game for others and wait for the next whistle before going to your seats. 
  • Look to pass (along a positive message). We are all Teal Together. Please pass along what makes Sharks Territory special and make the Tank a welcoming experience for all.

Thanks for being a good teammate and helping everyone to have a great experience. Need an assist from the Sharks? 

Learn More

Guest Food & Beverage

For Sharks hockey games and family-friendly events e.g., Disney On Ice, Stars On Ice, etc, guests may bring in reasonable amounts of outside food and non-alcoholic beverages for their personal consumption. For all other events, including but not limited to concerts, WWE, NCAA events, and Mixed Martial Arts events, guests are not permitted to bring in any outside food or beverage including bottled water. 

Guests are welcome to bring empty, reusable water bottles that can be filled at the water bottle filling station located at Section 117 on the main concourse. 

Laser Pens

Because of their danger to both other guests and to event performers, all types of laser pens and pointers are prohibited at SAP Center at San Jose. Any guest found carrying such an object is subject to eviction from the building as well as confiscation of the object. 


Consumption of legal or medical marijuana is prohibited on SAP Center at San Jose premises, as is the use of any illegal substances.

Noise-Making Devices

Extraneous noise-making devices including but not limited to horns, whistles, air horns, cymbals, cowbells, and bugles are not permitted inside SAP Center at San Jose.

Guests who are identified as having or using these types of devices are subject to eviction from the building as well as confiscation of the object. 

Parent Room

A parent's room is available during select concerts and shows to accommodate parents and guardians who do not have a ticket to attend the event and want to be at SAP Center with their child(ren). Parents and guardians will be allowed to escort their child(ren) to their seats before going to the parent's room. For both comfort and convenience, parents and guardians will have access to restrooms and Concession Stands throughout the event. 

To confirm the availability of a parent's room for a specific event(s), please call 408-287-7070.

Public Transportation

With the San Jose Diridon Station located directly across from SAP Center at San Jose, a number of public transportation options are available for guests to easily and conveniently utilize when attending an event. View full details on all options available.


SAP Center at San Jose has a general “no re-entry” policy during all events. Should a guest of the arena have an emergency please visit the North or South Information Desk for further assistance.

Security Screening Checks

For the safety of all guests, performers, and athletes, SAP Center at San Jose conducts security screening checks both walk-through metal detectors and X-Ray bag screening at every event. Bags that are 5"x9"x"2" or smaller in size will be permitted into SAP Center.  Guests who arrive with bags larger than this will be encouraged to return them to their vehicle or to check them in the on-site BinBox lockers for a nominal fee.

Diaper bags accompanying a child(ren) who wears diapers as well as bags carrying items that are medical, in nature will be permited inside SAP Center after an additional security screening is conducted. 

Sensory Kits

Sensory kits are available for fans of all ages with sensory needs are available at no charge at the Information Desks located on the SAP Center concourse near the North and South Entrances and also at Tech CU Arena Information booths. Kits include noise-reducing headphones, anti-glare glasses, a fidget toy, tissues, a mini coloring book and more. Guests may re-enter with Sensory Kits to SAP Center and Tech CU Arena events by entering each venue through the lane marked “Extra Assistance” for inspection. To register for a Sensory Kit before arriving to an event, please fill out this form.

Signs and Banners

Signage and banner policies vary by event. Please refer to permitted/prohibited items above for Concerts, Family Shows, and Sharks games or call 408-287-7070 for full details.

This policy is subject to change based on management discretion.


SAP Center is a non-smoking facility. 

Stroller and Baby Carrier Policy

Child strollers and baby carriers are not permitted in the seating bow of SAP Center; however, they can be checked in for the duration of the event at no charge and then picked up at any time upon departure from the arena. 

Please note: Guests with a ticket for a Zoom Suite are permitted to bring their stroller into their suite.


Tailgating in the SAP Center at San Jose parking lots is prohibited per San Jose City Ordinance and violators are subject to citations and fines. 

Throwing Objects

For the safety of all, a guest who throws any object into the stands or onto the playing surface or stage will be evicted from SAP Center at San Jose. The only exception to this policy is when, during a hockey game, a player scores a “hat trick” (three goals in a game). In this case, the throwing of hats is customary and is deemed appropriate. Please note: hats thrown when a hat trick is scored will not be returned.

Ticketmaster Ticketing Information

Only purchases made directly through SAP Center at San Jose, the San Jose Sharks, the San Jose Barracuda and/Ticketmaster are 100% verified. Tickets purchased through any other channels cannot be verified or managed through the Sharks, the Barracuda and/or SAP Center.

Please also note that all sales are final and that no refunds or exchanges are allowed. Tickets can be resold via Ticketmaster Exchange, given away, and/or donated in the event that you are unable or no longer wish to attend. 

Find more details on selling your tickets via the NHL Exchange.

Ticket Reselling

As the official ticketing partner of SAP Center at San Jose, Ticketmaster offers anyone who wishes to resell their tickets to an event(s) at SAP Center the ability to do so via Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster.

Please note, on-premise resale of the tickets ("scalping") is against the law per San Jose City Ordinance 6.54.200 and is not permitted in and around SAP Center at San Jose. Violators are subject to fine and confiscation of goods and cash. Tickets may not be resold for any amount, including below face value. 

Ticket Upgrades

Ticket upgrades for events including Sharks games, concerts and family events are unavailable. Tickets are available at full face value if there is a desire to have access to tickets closer to the ice or main stage area of a performance.


Anyone trespassing on the playing surface at games will be evicted and subject to arrest and prosecution in accordance with local ordinances.

Visiting Team Fans & Sportsmanship

SAP Center at San Jose is committed safe, comfortable, and enjoyable sports and entertainment experience.  All guests in attendance are expected to respect player and performer safety, respect the venue and staff members and respect other guests, including fans of the visiting teams. Review the San Jose Sharks and SAP Center Code of Conduct in full.

Visiting Team Fans are our guests. Harassment of the visiting team or their fans will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from SAP Center.