San Jose Sharks, LLC, Sharks Minor Holdings, LLC, San Jose Arena Management, LLC (collectively, “Club”), and the City of San Jose are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, inclusive and enjoyable experience for all guests throughout SAP Center, which includes inside and outside of the facility, and in the parking lots. 


The National Hockey League (the “League”), its Member Clubs (including Club), and its Players, believe that the best hockey experiences happen in environments that are inclusive, safe, and respectful.


NHL fans play an important role in shaping these environments through the manner in which they support their teams and express their passion for the game. In this regard, we expect that fans also fully support the values of respect, inclusion, and safety at all times through their words, actions, and interactions with other fans, arena staff, Club and event personnel, Players, Coaches and Officials while attending all NHL games and events and other non-hockey events at SAP Center.


Respect: Fans are expected to show respect for the game and event-day experience of others. This includes refraining from foul or obscene language or behavior and any other consistent and/or pervasive conduct that could negatively impact other fans’ enjoyment of the game. 


Inclusion: We are committed to ensuring that all NHL venues are inclusive and harassment-free environments for all fans. Language, gestures, behavior, clothing, signs, or other personal expressions that negatively reference or demean a specific race, ethnicity, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, or other identity-based characteristic will not be tolerated. Such conduct is strictly prohibited regardless of whether it directly or indirectly references a particular individual or a group of individuals.


Safety: The physical well-being of fans, Players, and arena staff is a top priority. Any disruptive, irresponsible, and/or illegal behaviors that threaten the physical well-being of others are forbidden. This includes participating in or instigating altercations (physical or verbal), throwing objects, or engaging in other inappropriate or destructive behaviors by reason of intoxication, chemical impairment, or otherwise. 


Empowerment: If you experience or witness a violation of this Fan Code of Conduct, we encourage you to promptly contact and advise a member of the guest services team or security personnel on-site at the event in question. NHL fans themselves are often the ones who are best positioned to foster, create and maintain respectful, inclusive and safe environments. If fans “see something,” they should “say something.”


Guests are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior to the nearest usher, security staff member or other event personnel, or by texting 940-4ASSIST or 940-427-7478


Anyone who is determined to have engaged in conduct contrary to the values of Club, the League, its Member Clubs and/or its Players, and which otherwise violates this Fan Code of Conduct, will be subject to penalties including, but not limited to: possible seat relocation, ejection, suspension and/or a lifetime ban from future NHL events. 


This Code of Conduct applies at NHL arenas and all associated team premises, both indoors and outdoors, as well as at all League and/or Club sanctioned events.


Club, SAP Center, the City of San Jose and the League thank you for adhering to the provisions of this Fan Code of Conduct.